President's Message 

September 10, 2017


We begin our 25th year of successfully “Growing Gardeners” in the Village. We can be proud that our Club continues to be a leader in making the Village a more beautiful place to live. The areas that we have landscaped over the years continue to impress visitors and newcomers to the Village. We have trained, educated, and encouraged Village men to be successful Arkansas gardeners.

Our 24th year was a successful one. We had a good Poinsettia sale which will be used to fund Club efforts going forward. We began the complete remodel of the POA front garden which also becomes our project for this year. Our speaker list was excellent and provided new and different educational opportunities. We expect that to be true in 2017-2018.

We are, though, reaching a critical point in the life of the Club. The demographics of our retirement Village are changing. It means we will have to work harder to recruit new members and provide interesting gardening programs and education. Time has come to refresh and regenerate. Refresh membership and regenerate our finances. That should become our number one priority for 2017-2018. We can do that.

The website continues to generate interest and has received accolades from the Arkansas Flower Club district directors. The general public has used it to obtain plant information. This year we will need to publicize it more. That also holds true for the Club itself; we have generated local interest in the Village and need to expand our reach in that aspect.

Our finances have supported us through this year and the 24 prior years; however, they are being depleted as we have taken on many expensive projects recently. That has been combined with lower poinsettia sales in the past few years and accounts for our depleted treasury. Projects are the mainstay of our Club efforts in the Village. This includes new project sites and very importantly, maintenance of projects. Poinsettia sales are extremely important.

Project Leaders are the men who assure the success of the Club projects. Club members are the men who provide the energy and muscle to make it happen. We are very fortunate to have some outstanding talents within our club. Al Edmonson has been especially active in designing and supervising the efforts of project leaders and work parties. Gene Lichliter is also a valued asset to our club projects. We could not take on our work without those two. Thank you, gentlemen for all you do.

This will be my last year as Club president so I wish to thank all those Club members, and officers who have helped make my time of president a most enjoyable experience.


Jim Mahan

Sep. 10, 2017