18th Annual

Poinsettia Plant Sale

The Poinsettia Story

For more than 18 years Poinsettia plants and the Men's Village Garden Club have been linked together. lt is amazing the importance this small plant has for so many people. lt is the Christmas plant of choice and it has a major impact on the Men's Village Garden Club. Every year as we approach the holiday season the MVGC sells the Poinsettia holiday plant to raise funds for their beautification projects in this area. lt is our only fund raiser. The plants are sold in Hot Springs Village, the included Counties, and in the City of Hot Springs. Delivery is made to homes in the Village and to a central distribution point in Hot Springs.


The sale begins with the October Club meeting when the members are given the order forms and flyers so they can canvas the Village neighborhoods, businesses and clubs. At the November meeting the orders are returned. The plants are delivered to each village customer the week after Thanksgiving so the purchaser can use them as part of their holiday decorations.


From the early days Poinsettia sales have grown by a factor of ten. However, we plateaued as the village population leveled out. We see the village population growing slightly now as the boomers retire and move to the village. The Village is also making efforts to become a destination beyond a retirement place. As a result the club is looking towards finding many new customers this year. As near as we can tell, the flowers are as popular as ever, the quality continues to be excellent, and the price is right.


Most of the funded activities are beautification projects within the Village. Additionally the Club has co-operative efforts with other clubs in such places as Garvan Gardens. The funds raised are used for plants, trees, soil amendments and supplies for watering systems. The club members provide the labor to install and maintain the projects.


Club members with experience and qualifications design the club landscape projects. The East and West Gates, and the Balboa Gate are outstanding examples of the club work that is seen by visitors and residents as they come and go to the Village daily. Many other projects are within the village at public locations.